SRS Sjölanders AB is a A GOLDSCHMIDT COMPANY and market leader in road-rail technology with more than 40 years' experience of development, design and manufacturing of various kinds of hydrostatically powered road-rail vehicles, as well as other equipment for the maintenance and construction of tracks, track superstructure and catenary. We continuously invest in the product development of on-rail operation systems, vehicle bodies and accessories in cooperation with our customers. During the years we have delivered over 500 road/rail vehicles to several international markets. The vehicles were manufactured in accordance with the given specification and local regulations.  

SRS works exclusively within the railway line of business, which means that we are well acquainted with the specific railway demands, which always form the basis of design, choice of material and manufacturing methods for our products. We can thus always guarantee the highest quality in both technology and function, irrespective of whether a product is a standard design or a specially designed system, as well as we have experience of building systems on chassis from different manufacturers.
SRS will continue to work on product safety and reliability for the benefit of our customers through increased productivity and efficiency.

  • 1976 World first hydrostatic powered RRV type LRB17, the swiveling bogie is patented. The Vehicle is used for OHL maintenance and equipped with an access platform, the front rail axle is placed behind front road axle.
  • 1978 Second generation RRV type LRB17 for OHL maintenance, front rail axle now placed in front of the front road axle.
  • 1981 First exported RRV type LRB17 to the Danish State Railway in Denmark.
  • 1982 First Tramway RRV LRB17 with front steering axle and fully insulated cage for OHL maintenance to            Gothenburg Tramway in Sweden.
  • 1983 First export RRV outside Europe, type LRB17 to Canada.
  • 1984 First RRV type LRB17 with a 3-boom access platform, to the Netherlands.
  • 1985 First Bridge inspection RRV type BRB17 with the new ±7m Bridge/tunnel access platform to Sweden and USA.
  • 1986 First exported RRV type LRB17 to the UK
  • 1987 First multipurpose RRV type FRB17 with a crane and a flatbed to SJ in Sweden.
  • 1989 New platform RRV type VRB17 for OHL maintenance to the Netherlands
  • 1990 First Bridge inspection RRV type BRB17 to Canadian National Rail Road
  • 1992 Second generation platform RRV type VRB17 for OHL maintenance to the Netherlands
  • 1994 Development of the first 26 ton RRV type RB25
  • 1996 New Catenary Installation Unit RRV KRB25CIU with a crane, flatbed, and a CIU type TS 1500 HD to ABB in Sweden
  • 1997 New Bridge Inspection RRV type BRB25 with the new ±12m Bridge/tunnel access platform to the UK
  • 1999 New concept RRV type KRT33 with a 140tm crane to DSB in Denmark
  • 2000 New concept of hydrostatic driven RRV type RB7 to RB10 (7-10 tones range) to the UK and the Netherlands
  • .2002 New Modular base RRV type MRB25 with container locking system for carrying of various types of modules to the UK
  • 2003 New RRV type LRB17E with hybrid power pack for OHL maintenance to Banverket in Sweden
  • 2004 First RRV trailer type KRT20 with a 72 tm Crane to the UK
  • 2005 First high speed recovery RRV type VRB17LR with a top of speed of 100km/h to Korea
  • 2007 First flash but welding RRV type SRB25 to Germany
  • 2010 New 32t multipurpose RRV type FRB32 with new type of crane to ÖBB in Austria
  • 2010 New RRV trailer type KRT65 with a 300tm crane to DSB in Denmark
  • 2010 New high ambient temperature RRV Type LRB17H , VRB17H and FRB25H to Saudi Arabia
  • 2010 New snow clearance RRV type LRB17S to Sweden
  • 2011 New snow clearance RRV type FRB25S to Sweden
  • 2013 New owner SRS Roadrail Holding AB
  • 2013 Second generation modular RRV type MRB25 with a crane-, flatbed-, access platform-, workshop- and a snow clearing- modules to Infranord in Sweden
  • 2014 New 53 tones RRV type KRB53 with a 260tm crane to DSB in Denmark
  • 2014 Second generation Tramway RRV type LRB17E with hybrid power pack for OHL maintenance to Gothenburg Tramway in Sweden.
  • 2014 Second generation Catenary Installation Unit RRV type KRB25CIU with a crane, flatbed, and a CIU type TS 1500HD to VR in Sweden
  • 2015 All SRS Platforms have now tilt correction gives a significant improved comfort working in curves
  • 2016 SRS is now a member in the Goldschmidt group
  • 2017 New 18T Vehicle LRB18TCC with a crane and a platform
  • 2018 New developed vehicle for tramways the LRB18SPV, insulated platform with 16m Reach
  • 2019 New developed bridge inspection vehicle BRB32B, reach downwards 17m, upwards 10m and lateral 14m

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