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Together with you, Goldschmidt masters the challenges of modern, rail-bound mobility – for safe, sustainable, and long-lasting railways of premium quality.

As with Thermit®, Goldschmidt is also a pioneer in maintenance, inspection and digitalization and continues to improve processes and extend the lifecycle of railway infrastructure. Goldschmidt benefits from its global expertise and cross-disciplinary thinking in creating tailor-made solutions for you. The global presence of Goldschmidt gives you access to our whole portfolio – with one goal: to lead your railway infrastructure into the future.

Goldschmidt Sweden AB is a part of the Goldschmidt Group – a unique, global network of experts in railways. Together we lead your rail infrastructure into the future – with smart solutions, services and products. 

You can find all information about the Goldschmidt Group at: www.goldschmidt.com

Goldschmidt Sweden AB – Unbeatable mobility on road and rail

Goldschmidt Sweden, previously named SRS Sjölanders, has been leading the way in road-rail vehicle development, design, and manufacturing for over four decades. Our facility in Osby, Sweden serves as the central location for all our operations - from designing the vehicles to completing the final product.

Our diverse portfolio consists of road-rail vehicles ranging from 18 to 32 tonnes, with a variety of functions such as bridge inspection, catenary maintenance or welding, among others. We specialize in crafting tailor-made solutions that precisely match your needs and offer a comprehensive support throughout the entire lifespan of your road-rail vehicle. This includes helping you in selecting the optimal product, delivering training to your operators and service personnel, as well as ensuring the availability of our service teams worldwide for maintenance or repairs.

Additionally, we have expertise in manufacturing eco-friendly hybrid road-rail vehicles, and we are dedicated to advancing this concept to both meet your needs and to contribute to environmental sustainability.

Our homepage is currently in the process of being updated and we therefore refer to www.goldschmidt.com in the meantime. There, you can explore our portfolio and access our product information. If you have any inquiries, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. For specific contact details, please refer to our dedicated contact page.

For the latest updates on our projects, make sure to follow our LinkedIn page.

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SRS Sjölanders is part of the Goldschmidt Group – the unique, global network of experts for the railways. Together we lead your rail infrastructure into the future – with smart solutions, services and products.

www.goldschmidt.com www.srsroadrail.se

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